In the last six or so years, La Manga, Spain has become a reliable destination for youth national teams looking to start the year off with good competition. The La Manga Club website has its schedule up through the end of March, and it looks like the US will be participating in a couple of the tournaments.

International Girls’ U-19 Tournament – March 6-13

  • Norway Girls U-19
  • Italy Girls U-19
  • Scotland Girls U-19
  • Denmark Girls U-19
  • Sweden Girls U-19
  • England Girls U-19
  • France Girls U-19
  • Ireland Girls U-19
  • Netherlands Girls U-19
  • USA Girls U-19

This is also a much larger group than usual; the last few years it’s a been a four-team tournament. Noticeably missing: Germany, who the US have faced in La Manga the last two years in a row. The US lost to them 0-3 in 2013, and won 1-0 in 2012.

Meanwhile, the U-23s will also have a tournament, ending just as the U-19/U-20s will be starting.

International Women’s U-23 Tournament – Feb 27-March 6

  • Norway Women U-23
  • England Women U-23
  • Germany Women U-23
  • Japan Women U-23
  • Sweden Women U-23
  • USA Women U-23

This is most likely the closest the U-23s will come to a “world championship” this year, with the Nordic Cup no longer part of the annual schedule.